Our Story

A montage of photos showing some of the history of Hill Farm JuiceLocated in the South Down’s National Park; about 8 miles from Winchester, nestled in the beautiful Meon Valley, we are surrounded by the farmland and orchards that have been supplying Hill Farm Juice with excellent apples and pears since the 1970’s. A more perfect spot for juice making would be tough to find and luckily it boasts a pretty good team of local staff too!

In 2013, our illustrious leader Will Dobson took over at the helm of Hill Farm Juice, committing himself to creating one of a kind juices and maintaining the strong links to the local community and businesses that we have the joy of working with. With everybody living within 30 minutes (some within 5…), we really are a lucky lot that try to put back into our community as much as we can.

From visiting local primary schools to show how apples are pressed into juice, our sponsorship of the Wyvern Vipers Girls Football Team, the pressing of jewel like raspberries from our friends at Westlands Farm Shop to create our amazing Apple & Raspberry Juice and our efforts to support our local pub with essential staff lunches as much as we can - we're always looking for new ways to get involved and meet more of the ventures around us. 

A second montage showing some of the history of Hill Farm Juice

 With 14 Great Taste awards under our belt, we’re pretty confident that we are doing something right so why not pop into one of our many stockists and try one of our delicious bottles?  If you’re already sure enough to take the plunge then all of our varieties are available to order here in cases of 12 bottles, either all the same or a mixed variety of your choice! Come the spring and summer, we’ll be at local shows and fairs such as the Watercress Festival in Alresford and The Romsey Show, keep an eye on our social media to see where we’re going to be and pop along and say 'hi!', we’d love to meet you.